About Us

ALLEN & ABEL present a wonderful and diverse mix of unique, confident, talented and impressive adult and child actors to the industry. We have great confidence in each and every one of our actors and will match the right people to the right brief. We aim to reflect the diversity of todays society and nurture talent from all backgrounds.

To view our child talent, or for any help with casting, please contact us at info@allenandabel.com

ALLEN & ABEL is run by agents with a combined 30 years experience in the business. We are a dedicated team experienced at working with both young adult and child actors. Our assistants are all experienced  in the industry with a real current understanding of every aspect of the business right now.
We are all experienced on set, whether this is  film, TV, stage, commercial or stills, and have first hand experience of the highs and lows. Because of this knowledge, a very important part of our selection process is to be sure the actor/parent/ guardian is aware, and fully understands, just what is involved in this complex and demanding business.

Without the full support and trust of the actor (or parent/guardian of a child actor) it just isn’t possible to form a successful team, so we are very careful about handpicking our actors, and responsible adults for child actors!
We tend to work with talent within an hours travel time to London, but we totally understand that there are actors with equal talent all over the country so do get in touch to discuss if you have solid experience and easy access into the capital.

We will be keeping our agency numbers low and our attention to detail high. If you don’t get accepted this time do try again in 6 months as things do change. Please apply using the online form.


ALLEN & ABEL is a boutique talent agency for child and young adult actors and performers. We represent children and young adults (5-30+) for all areas of acting. Actors over 21 must have suitable Spotlight credits and/or training.
We are a sole agency although occasionally we will discuss our talent having a dedicated stills agency too.
42-52 Charlbert St, London, NW8 7BU, UK