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For casting, booking or to enquire about an actor please get in touch below:

42-52 Charlbert St, London, NW8 7BU, UK
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Boutique talent agency Allen & Abel represent confident, talented actors
We offer representation with individual guidance and support.

Between us our team have many years’ experience in the industry and we will work closely with talent, (parents/guardians where appropriate,) to access the very best opportunities.

We will get in touch with any applicants who could fit our current books, usually requesting a short video. For those we feel we may have a place for, this may be followed by a meeting, ideally we would  love that to be in person, but where that is not possible it will be an online meeting.
If you don't hear from us within 6 weeks then feel free to apply again later in the year.

The agency does not charge a joining fee and keeps the numbers low and the standard high.

* Under 17's should live within one hour travel time of central London

We won't need expensive headshots and are keen to trial some alternative ways. It will be a very hands on affair and we are very keen to make it inclusive for all actors with the only absolute requirements being: fabulous talent, reliability, 100% enthusiasm, 200% determination and good manners(!)

(The last few requirements will apply to actors and the parent/responsible adult)

It is an essential part of the team work that we meet with actors (and parents/guardians too for under 16's), so we can discuss the responsibilities involved in making the most of the any opportunities the industry may offer.

We welcome applications from all backgrounds, all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities, all gender identities, any additional needs, any accents etc....

We are not looking for applications from actors who are with an agent already please, if you have no rep or are - or about to be - between agents then great!

Please understand that we will only take on a very small number of the applicants we receive. This is no reflection on talent, but there is enough competition in this industry without creating internal competition too, so we will try not to represent talent with a very similar look to someone currently on the books.

Before applying please bear in mind that casting notifications are generally very short notice, often no more than 24 hours in advance.
If you feel you can commit to this then we would love you to apply via our online form.

It is a time consuming interest which can hold great rewards, but it can also be a sacrifice with little to show. Please consider this and how you would deal with the highs and lows. Sadly, we can never guarantee work to anyone.

Please be aware we represent actors for all areas of the industry as a Talent Agency, we are a sole agency. We will, in some circumstances, discuss our talent having a dedicated stills only agency as long as we remain the only agent on your Spotlight
Anyone under 17 must get their responsible adult to apply.

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OUR BOOKS ARE CLOSED - We will contact all recent applicants with a decision

We particularly encourage applications from actors from historically underrepresented backgrounds, including global majority people of colour |
Neurodiverse people | People from a lower socio-economic background | LGBTQ+ people | Deaf & Hard of Hearing people | Disabled people.